Story Behind Us

Welcome to Håndlavet,
where every candle tells a story and every gift is crafted with love.


At Håndlavet, which means "Handmade" in Danish, we believe in the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the importance of preserving our planet. Our journey began with a simple spark of inspiration – to share our passion for handcrafted treasures with the world. Faced with the challenge of finding meaningful gifts online that resonated with our values, we decided to create our own haven of handmade delights.

And so, in 2018, Håndlavet was born.

Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we embarked on our first adventure: crafting natural Soy Candles. Each candle is lovingly hand-poured in small batches, ensuring that every flame ignites not only light but also a sense of purpose and connection. Whether it's a cozy night in or a special celebration, our candles are designed to transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity.

And for those grand occasions, we cater to larger orders for corporate events and weddings, providing exquisite handcrafted candles as door gifts or souvenirs, adding a touch of warmth and ensuring your guests leave with a lasting impression.


Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our crafting process. We're proud to say that our candles are made with 100% natural soybean wax, lead-free and eco-firnedly wick, chosen for its clean burn and slower, cooler flame. Not only does soy wax produce minimal soot, but it's also free from toxins and pollutants, making it gentle on both you and the environment. We source our ingredients from around the globe, always with a commitment to eco-friendliness and quality.

But it's not just about the materials - it's about the experience.

We understand the power of scent to evoke memories and emotions, which is why we offer a diverse range of scented soy candles infused with natural pure essential oils and premium fragrance oils. From the soothing aroma of lavender fields to the invigorating zest of citrus, each scent is thoughtfully curated to transport you to moments of bliss and serenity.

And we're not stopping there. In addition to our signature candles, we now offer hand soap pellets - adorable companions designed to accompany you on your daily adventures, keeping you feeling fresh and clean wherever you go. We also provide an array of gift sets, including preserved flower bouquets, to add an extra touch of elegance to your gifting experience.


At Håndlavet, our mission is simple: to enrich your surroundings with the gentle flicker of candlelight and the soothing embrace of nature's fragrances. We hope our candles not only serve during unexpected power outages, but also illuminate your home or workspace with warmth and comfort.

As we continue on our journey, we remain committed to bringing you not only beautiful products but also a sensory experience like no other. We invite you to explore our world of handcrafted wonders and discover the magic of Håndlavet. 

Welcome to our story – we're delighted to have you with us.