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SWEETHEART | Preserved Flower Box

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Indulge in the enchantment of our Sweetheart Preserved Roses and Cotton Flowers Box, a harmonious blend of everlasting beauty and aromatic allure. Unveil the magic within a meticulously designed Love shape gift box, containing a treasure trove of love-inspired delights.

What's inside:

- Preserved Roses and Cotton Flowers, accompanied by small preserved flowers that add on extra touch of grace.

- 2x 1.8oz Scented Soy Candles of your choice.

- Free message card.

Elegantly curated and beautifully presented, this giftbox is not just a collection of items but a symphony of love. Embrace the enduring charm of preserved blooms, fragrant candles, and heartfelt messages, all elegantly arranged in a Love-shaped gift box.

Size : 22cm x 21cm x 10cm

Purchasing this as a gift?

・ If you want to include a note card, please leave the message you wish us to print in remark column at checkout page. 

‧ If you wish to ship directly to the recipient, simply input the receiver’s shipping address at checkout page instead of your own.